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Author January 04, 2019

Zika Re-Emerges in Merlion City: What We Should Know

As January rolled over in 2018, Singapore was once again confronted by first reported case of Zika virus infection of the year. This reminds all of us that we should remain vigilant on how we should continually protect ourselves from Zika virus....
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Author January 02, 2019

Brrr! Does Singapore’s recent cold spell affect mosquitoes?

Last week, National Environment Agency (NEA) reported the lowest daily minimum temperature between 21.2 and 22.4 degree Celsius since 2016. This is caused by the second monsoon surge that pummelled South China Sea and the surrounding region with wind, clouds and, of course, rain between 10 to 14 Jan...
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Author January 01, 2019

Kiasi? Top 12 Singapore Mosquito Myths You Should Know. [continued]

Last week, we introduced the first six of 12 mosquito myths in Singapore we should be aware of in this blog. Nothing beats the phrase “Knowledge is power”. This week, here are the other six myths about mosquitoes debunked for you....
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