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04 Mar 2019
Author March 04, 2019

Will that pandan pot help you repel mosquitoes?

If you live in Singapore long enough, you are probably very familiar with the pandan lifehack to repel mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects. Usually this tip is passed down from your mother, from your grandmother, and from your great-grandmother....
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03 Mar 2019
04 Feb 2019
Author February 04, 2019

Let’s re-learn our insect repellent technique!

We would think that as dwellers of this tropical metropolitan state called Singapore, we would have figured out everything we need to know about preventing insect bites, wouldn’t we? But have we been doing it correctly? Do you still get bitten by mosquitoes even though you are pretty sure you do not...
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03 Feb 2019
02 Feb 2019
Author February 02, 2019

The Sandfly – The Mosquito’s Cousin We Dread Of

No matter where we go to enjoy the sun and tropical breeze, we have biting insects everywhere. There are mosquitoes, and then there are sandflies. The bane of our picnics, fishing trips, bike trails and BBQ pits along Singapore’scoastlines....
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01 Feb 2019
Author February 01, 2019

Travelling with your children 101 – Singapore style!

Being parents in Singapore is already a tough battle. First, we think about maternity packages in hospitals. Next, we budget for childcare cost (thank goodness there are grandparents!). Not long after that, we bid for the best nursery and kindergarten, while doing the same for enrichment centres at ...
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04 Jan 2019
Author January 04, 2019

Zika Re-Emerges in Merlion City: What We Should Know

As January rolled over in 2018, Singapore was once again confronted by first reported case of Zika virus infection of the year. This reminds all of us that we should remain vigilant on how we should continually protect ourselves from Zika virus....
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