Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can i use Thermacell Lanterns?

    The product works well in outdoor areas where there is minimal air movement, such as decks, yards, and campsites. For best coverage in still air, place the unit close to the ground. This allows repellent to spread over a maximum area.

  • When should i turn on my Thermacell product?

    Thermacell will take 10 to 15 minutues to reach maximum effectiveness. Plan accordingly.

  • How do i know the Thermacell unit is working?

    An orange light on the top of the device glows when the unit is switched on.

  • Should i see smoke coming from the unit?

    In a normal operation, a small amount of smoke may be visible coming from the pad.

  • How large of an area does one Thermacell unit protect?

    One device is effective for a 15 x 15 feet area (4.5 x 4.5 metre area,) the size of an average deck or patio. Use more devices to protect larger areas.

  • How often do i have to change Thermacell repellent mats?

    A repellent mat needs to be changed when it turns white. Each mat lasts for 3 to 4 hours of continuous use.

  • How often do i have to change Thermacell cartridges?

    A cartridge will last for 9 to 12 hours of continuous use and should be changed when empty.

  • When i installed a new mat, I noticed that the bottom of the old mat was a dark brown colour, almost as if i had burned. Should i be concerned?

    No. it is normal for a spent mat to be dark brown on the bottom and almost white on the top.

  • Can I stop and start the unit or do I have to use it all at once?

    You can turn the unit on and off at will. Please allow 10 to 15 minutes for Thermacell to reach maximum effectiveness. You can use a mat until it turns completely white.

  • Can i use my Thermacell mats for multiple usages? (i.e. If I use a mat for one hour, can i use it again for another three hours?)

    Yes, you can use Thermacell mats for a period of time less than four hours and they will still be just as effective. If there is going to be a significant amount of time between usages (several days +), we typically suggest you keep the mats in their foil packaging or in a sealed sandwich bag between uses.

  • Can i use Thermacell when it is windy?

    In breezy weather, place the unit upwind of your location so that the repellent is carried by the wind into the area you want to protect.

  • Can i use Thermacell in the rain?

    Do not expose appliances or mats to rain. Their effectiveness may be diminished.


  • Where can I find Thermacell mosquito repellent reviews?

    Thermacell product reviews can be found at THERMACELL’S FACEBOOK PAGE and at many of our retailers’ websites, including: CABELA’SBASS PROHOME DEPOT, and WALMART.

  • Can I buy refill cartridges and mats?

    Yes. Use the Where to Buy feature on this website to find a retailer near you.

  • Is Thermacell available in Canada?

    Yes. Use the Where to Buy feature on this website for Canadian retail information. To purchase online, visit WWW.CABELAS.CA.

  • How long after I order online should I expect to receive my Thermacell products?

    See the Shipping Information page for shipping time information.

  • Why can’t you ship to Hawaii or Alaska?

    See the Shipping Information page for a complete explanation and options for customers in Hawaii and Alaska.

  • What stores carry Thermacell mosquito repellent products and refills?

    Use the Where to Buy feature on this website to find a retailer near you.

  • Does Thermacell work on mosquitoes that may carry Zika virus?

    Yes. Thermacell repels Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes that may carry Zika.